Fire Global Prayers (FGP) with Kelvin Sam

Prayer Point: Pray and demote all occultist strategists around the world in Jesus’ Mightiest Name. Amen!
Prayer Point: Subdue the powers of all groups of occultist individuals who accumulated money for themselves and think they are controlling the world by killings and destructions. The pandemic planers. The war strategists. Liquidate that their program of the scarcity of food around the world in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen!
Prayer Point: Pray against the groups of occultist people who are buying farmland all over just to cause people not to farm enough in order to bring food scarcity in the world. Pray to stop their activities in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ.
Prayer Point: Let these evil group of people be spiritually down casted, frustrated, demoted, and prohibited in all they do until they change to good in Jesus’ Mightiest Name. Amen!

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