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Changing lives in Jesus

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What you must know-Kelvin Sam


Feb 7, 2022

To begin with, you ought to know that the Bible has a supernatural ability to change people.

Do you sometimes look in the mirror and think, I wish I was a better person? Are you sometimes disappointed with yourself? Maybe you get angry or selfish, or have some bad habits, maybe you let yourself down and you let other people down. You’re not really the person you had hoped you were. I think all of us feel like that from time to time.

The Bible has a special ability to change people for the better. It doesn’t happen immediately. It’s not like reading one verse, and whoa, you are now a perfect Superman or Superwoman. But it happens over time. The more you read the Bible, the more you absorb it, the more the Bible will change you into a better person.

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So as you sit down to read in the Bible, the words on the page will jump out at you and suggest things you can improve. So slowly, as you read day after day, week after week, month after month, your mind will be shaped into the values of God Himself, who inspired the Bible.

You are shaped into God’s values in a supernatural way. We can’t explain it other than that this book is supernatural.

Another interesting text is from what we call the Old Testament, from the part of the Bible before Jesus.

Reading the Bible will help you to success in life. The Bible doesn’t necessarily mean that the person who dies the richest is the winner. To be successful in the Bible has to do with having lived the good life, that you’ve been a good person to those around you. Love is the essential value of the Bible.

If you want to be more loving, more caring, more successful, more at peace in what you have and what you are and leave a legacy of goodness behind you, then meditate on the word of God day and night.

Well, you know, you are allowed to sleep; but if you can’t sleep, open the Bible, read a little bit. The more you read, the more the Bible will shape you and make you into the person that when the end comes, you will be satisfied with your mark on the world.

If you want to be that kind of a person, the Bible will change you. That’s the first fact you need to know about the Bible.


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